According to Udo Gollub (CEO of 17 Minute Languages) young lawyers  in the US are struggling to find work. Using IBM’s Watson, one can now get legal advice within seconds. What’s more, such advice has been found to be 90% accurate compared to 70% accuracy when served by humans.

Being a practicing lawyer myself, this one struck a chord with me.

I recall my days as a junior lawyer at a top tier commercial law firm, poring through volumes and volumes of documents in preparation for a patent infringement trial. And now, in less than a decade, a computer can do the task better than I can.

My parents have taken great pride in me becoming a lawyer. However, if I was to educate my son to become one too, would I really be setting him up for success?

What we see today is traditional industries and professions being constantly disrupted. Who would have thought that the taxi industry would be brought to its knees by a mobile app?

It’s impossible to predict what the world will be like when today’s children finish school and make their way in life. But what we can say with a high degree of confidence is that uncertainty and rapid rates of change are going to be the new norm.

At Fitra Community School (FCS), we are firm believers in educating our children in ways that will allow them to lead fulfilling lives in the type of world that they are inheriting. So it is more about the skills and competencies they acquire rather than the information that they can retain. For information there’s always Google!

Amongst the core skills and competencies that we will focus on developing in our students are:

So just how will we go about developing all of the above and more in our children? It clearly will NOT only be by way of direct instruction. I mean who would enjoy being lectured to about how to communicate effectively or stay resilient? Rather at FCS our children will learn by doing and by being exposed to real life situations.

Amongst the core features of our schooling program will be:

I hope you are getting the sense that FCS will not just be about the textbooks. For tomorrow can’t be learnt from a textbook.

I’m excited!

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