O’ Ramadan, you have come just in time

Asalamualaikum All, Isn’t it amazing that every year Allah sends Ramadan just when we need it most? Post-Christchurch I feel like I’ve been carrying a weight on my shoulders and this weight has just been added to exponentially since the absolutely senseless acts in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday. May Allah grant ease to all […]

Our Hudaibiyyah Moment

Asalamualaikum, “It must feel like giving birth to a still born baby” That’s what someone said to me when they found out the news! I can’t even imagine what a mother that gives birth to a still born feels like – but I do see the similarities. That mother goes through the mourning sickness, carries […]

“What you are doing is so great” … really?

Asalamualaikum Every so often, someone goes out of their way to say to us “what you are doing is so great”. I appreciate it. However, what I do know is that if we are to realise our goal of setting up this school, it will not be us that made it happen. Rather it will be […]

What We Want for Our Children from an Islamic Perspective

Reflecting on my upbringing, I realised that my real appreciation of who Allah is only sunk in when I was midway through university. This was when I was exposed to charismatic speakers who were able to connect at my level in delivering their sermons. Before that, I did learn to pray and recite the Quran […]

It’s Not About Me! It’s About Us!

Let’s face it -we live in a “me,me, me” kind of world. It’s all about me! Through the rise of capitalism, our students are inheriting a very selfish world. A world where the amassing of material wealth and possessions is the primary objective of many. A society where at least at the macro-level compassion, the […]

Beyond the Grades

I’ve written a lot about our desire to develop the whole child. However let me be clear, we do want and expect our students to be strong academically. But for us, the process of learning is as important as the result. This is what we believe will truly sustain them as they progress in life. […]

Educating for Tomorrow

According to Udo Gollub (CEO of 17 Minute Languages) young lawyers  in the US are struggling to find work. Using IBM’s Watson, one can now get legal advice within seconds. What’s more, such advice has been found to be 90% accurate compared to 70% accuracy when served by humans. Being a practicing lawyer myself, this […]

5 Benefits of Keeping Our School Small

When we were thinking about the type of school we wanted to establish, we decided we wanted to keep it small. We know this is going completely against the grain of Islamic schools that have been popping up and growing into mega-schools.   However, we need to be true to ourselves. It’s not so much […]

It’s been a while

Asalamualaikum,   So, it’s been a while since I was last in touch. We haven’t being resting on our laurels though. We won’t be starting the school in 2018, as we haven’t been able to source a building – but we have made progress, Alhamdulillah!   In the intervening period:   1. We have been setting up […]

“Less than 10 per cent chance”!

Asalamualaikum,   “I think you have less than 10 per cent chance of starting this school”   That was the blunt assessment of our prospects that I received from someone very near and dear to me. So what does one do when they hear things like this? Is it time to give up? Or to […]